Understand the factors that drive ESG performance through our ESG Impact Raw Data offering. Access our monetized impact assessments and drill down to transparent, reliable and unique ESG and Impact data that can be used in a variety of use cases.
Granular & Relevant
Integrate ESG Impact factors into every level of your investment decision-making process, improving the quality, relevancy, and comparability of the data you’re using with our ESG Impact Raw Data Feed.
Transparent & Reliable
Our Raw Data Feed uses multiple sources of underlying raw data which we collect from publicly available sources, company reports and trusted third parties. The full feed covers over 8K companies where we can also provide access to the underlyng sources themselves.
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Key material metrics for each E, S and G domain
global public companies
360° ESG Dataset on public firms across all sectors
Historical data coverage with quarterly / monthly updates
product level raw data
Plastic waste & collection
Product GHG (scope 3)
Food waste
Data breaches
Product recalls
main use cases
Quantitative analysis
Risk management
Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance
“A comprehensive dataset from public sources that provides a full view of company disclosures and corporat risk profile across the E, S and G domains, complemented by unique datasets on product-related impacts.
For missing company-reported values, sophisticated imputation methods are applied.”
Sienna Hewitt
Project Manager, RGS
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